" Anabela Souto's competence, guidance as well as knowledge using cardio as well as weight training challenged my body as I shed 2 inches of belly fat in 8 group sessions. Wowzer!" -Anna Maria Consiglio


Cardio interval training is designed to burn more fat and calories while conditioning your heart



The last 15 minutes of our training sessions are dedicated to yoga. Using simple yoga poses, we set the tone for an amazing day.


Tone, sculpt, and burn fat using effective strength training exercises.  

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for, our actions and decisions will shape the way we will be living in the future..."

New to Working Out?

I modify each session to your level of fitness. I am a certified strength training coach, and I am always ready to show different options for you to work at your own level.  We are a laid back and non-judgmental tribe of women who love to have fun while working hard.

How will this benefit you?

Because I specialize in small group private training, my programs are designed to TONE, SHRED, and help you feel AMAZING both inside and out.  Our programs will help you build lean muscle mass to maximize calorie burn and sculpt your entire body.

Track Progress

We offer assessments throughout the challenge to measure your success.

Nourish & Fuel Coaching Program

Learn how to optimize your food intake. We take the guess work out of how to fuel your body, recover from physical and or mental stress.  Let us help you get the results you want.

Laid Back and Fun

All our workouts will  improve your overall fitness, keep you feeling empowered, strong, and having fun!

Small Group

Smaller groups in a laid back setting means quality sessions, proper movement execution, and a tribe of non judgmental women wanting the same thing; results, guidance, motivation, and regain control of their body.

Burn More Calories

Increase your metabolism;  use effective body weight exercises and minimal equipment to tone, sculpt and turn your body into a a fat burning machine. 

Stress Management

Each session ends with 15 minutes of yoga designed to stretch your muscles, and help you focus on having an amazing day ahead!

"I've lost inches throughout my body, and see lines outlining my muscles which simply was not there before. I have more energy, more endurance, more strength, sleep better, and make better eating choices because of Anabela." -Marisa D'Orazio

3 Months (Basic)
1 x week

√12 sessions

√Workout suited to your fitness level


√Text messaging and private group

√Group support


3 months Accelerator Program
1 x week

√12 sessions

√Workouts suited to your fitness level

√Personalized home program

√Progress Tracking*

√Text messaging, email support

√Group Support

√Coaching on how to choose optimal foods and nourishment


My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to transform their lives from the inside out. We are committed to empowering our clients build the confidence they need to regain control of their body and live their best life by offering quality classes adapted to suit their individual needs. Join our amazing and non judgmental team to get the support, motivation, and accountability you need to be successful !