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Private Training

A Mobile Personal Training service offering programs at your workplace, home, or any indoor or outdoor location. You tell us where and we bring everything you need, or come train in our private studio.

Semi Private

Why not train with your partner, mom, sister or friend. We offer semi-private training for those who want to share their love of health.  You tell us where, and we bring everything you need.

Small Group Training

Smaller groups in a laid back setting means quality sessions, proper movement execution, and a tribe of non judgmental women wanting the same thing; results, guidance, motivation, and regain control of their body.


What else we provide?

Fitness Kickboxing

Our kickboxing class is an MMA inspired workout which combines punching and kicking moves to challenge your legs, tone your arms, back and shoulders and provides core strengthening exercises to rev up your metabolism and sculpt your entire body. You burn tons of calories, increase coordination, agility and speed.
You will find support, accountability, results, and a bad ass version of yourself after each session!

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Nutrition Consulting

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about finding balance.  We provide guidance and support to help our clients find what works best for their busy lifestyle and making it work. We offer grocery shopping tours and help in preparing meals. Also available is cooking lessons. Contact us to find out more…

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Online Training

Online training offers life changing, fitness and nutrition coaching to clients anywhere and anytime. With virtual online training, clients are empowered with flexibility, accountability, and support at their convenience.

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Some Of Our Fans

What our fans think…

“Anabela Souto’s competence, guidance as well as knowledge using cardio as well as weight training challenged my body as I shed 2 inches of belly fat in 8 group sessions. Wowzer!”

Anna Maria Consiglio

“The class (Kickboxing) and especially the teacher Anabela Souto is amazing. Get ready to sweat your ass off. Don’t hesitate to try that class you won’t regret it… AMAZING !”

Melissa Chriqui

“I’ve lost inches throughout my body, and see lines outlining my muscles which simply was not there before. I have more energy, more endurance, more strength, sleep better and make better eating choice because of Anabela.” -Marisa D’Orazio

Marisa D’Orazio

“…C’est une professionnelle passionnée de son métier et qui possède un grand bagage d’expériences et de connaissances reliées à son domaine d’expertise. En suivant son programme qui est adapté à mes besoins, j’ai pu voir des changements au niveau de ma condition physique. Au cours des 12 derniers mois, j’ai pu perdre 20 lb et descendre mon IMC de 8 points. ”

Jeannine De Monteiro

“…The one thing I could say is it’s been one year I have been following Anabela courses and I lost 25 real pounds solid she is a real mentor doesn’t preach it she really teaches it also a great spinning instructor really cares for our wellbeing I have been elsewhere to see the difference and I am sticking with her she always answers your questions never leaving you pending all in all a great person. Thank you Anabela.”

Sal Urso

“Je suis très satisfaite avec Anabela je m entraîne depuis une année et mon corps a vraiment changé elle est très compétente et consciencieuse je vous la recommande fortement.”

Diane Martin

Meet Your Trainer

Inspired by Robert Schullers famous quote, “What would you do if you could not fail?” Anabela set out to establish Nutriessence Fitness.

Over the years of being in the fitness industry, Anabela has witnessed countless people fall prey to countless unsustainable restrictive diets, and fads marketed as quick weight loss solutions. Tired of watching people use exercise and food as a form of punishment, Nutriessence Fitness was established to help cultivate healthy relationships with food, share a passion for fitness, and empower others to make healthy sustainable changes in their lifestyles out of self-love and not hate.  Anabela prides herself in using a holistic, sustainable, and practical approach to health and fitness.


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