Surviving The Holidays

So you’ve started to exercise, have lost some weight, are feeling really good about yourself, but the holiday parties are throwing you off your routine?

Here some tips on how to survive the holiday season:

-Don’t sabotage yourself by skipping breakfast and getting to work hungry. Start your day with a healthy breakfast rich in fiber and protein, and low in artificial sugar. A satisfied tummy will help you say no to 100 cookies and Christmas cupcakes made by your co-workers.

– Always have a water bottle close at hand. Dehydration symptoms can leave you believing you are hungry when in reality your body is sending you a message to drink more water. Be sure to drink half your body weight especially during the dry winter months.

– Pack a lunch and snacks. Having a nutrient dense lunch and snacks rich in fiber and protein will leave you feeling satisfied and less tempted to reach out for one more home-made cookie.

-Feeling overwhelmed by all those Christmas parties and get-togethers? Do not leave home hungry. Again, eat something nutritious before leaving home so you are in control over what you eat later on. If you are going to a restaurant, you can check out the menu online and plan what you will order in advance. If you are attending a potluck, bring a healthy meal.

– This next one is so important; eat slowly. Wait 15 minutes before going for a refill. Give your brain time to register that you have eaten.

– Limit your alcohol intake. Did you know that one glass of wine can have up to up 200 calories? It isn’t the alcohol that will get you, but the sugar content. Wine can act as a hunger stimulant. Be sure to keep a glass of lemon water nearby (no one will know it isn’t alcohol) to keep you hydrated and your hunger in check.

– Your workout schedule may be thrown off by after work parties, Christmas shopping, etc., try getting up earlier and getting your work-out done before starting your day, or get it done during your lunch hour. You don’t need an hour if you have a well-designed work-out planned. 15 minutes is better than zero minutes and it will help maintain what you have accomplished so far.

Above all, enjoy this holiday season. Remember food is meant to be enjoyed, savored, and not abused. Don’t beat yourself up and stress if you had one day of overeating, and bad food choices, it WILL NOT undo all the months of hard work. Go easy on yourself, and start fresh the next day. Don’t entertain the thought that you can always get back into it in the new year…we all have those resolutions that came and went.

In the end, what will keep you focused and on track is discipline. Think about why your goals matter to you, and what it would look like if you had to start all over again. Surround yourself with people who have the same vision as you. They will help keep you accountable and motivated to exercise and eat to fuel your body.

If you have some tips and tricks that help get you through the holidays, we’d love to hear from you.

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