Burn tons of calories as you punch and kick your way to becoming fitter and stronger


Cardio interval training is designed to burn more fat and calories while conditioning your heart



Each class is adapted for all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or advanced,  get ready to punch and kick your way to getting fitter, and stronger!  Be prepared to release stress, have a blast, and regain total control of your body


Martial-arts inspired workouts are simple and you will build strength and endurance using minimal equipment. Be prepared to feel strong after each session

Create the life and body you love...

New To Kickboxing?

We modify each session to your level of fitness. Our certified Kickboxing instructor is always ready to show different options to work at your own level.  We will have you working out and feeling stronger in no time at all.

How will this benefit you?

Our kickboxing class is an MMA inspired workout which combines punching and kicking moves to challenge your legs, tone your arms, back and shoulders and provides core strengthening exercises to rev up your metabolism and sculpt your entire body. You burn tons of calories, increase coordination, agility and speed. 
You will find support, accountability, results, and a bad ass version of yourself after each session!

Improve Coordination

We call it brain gym;  get focused, develop your coordination and agility through the different pad drills. 

Improve Cardio

Have fun kicking, punching and jabbing your way to a bad ass version of yourself!

Laid Back and Fun

MMA inspired workouts to improve your overall fitness, keep you feeling empowered, strong, and having fun!

Small Group

Smaller groups in a laid back setting means quality sessions, and a tribe of non judgmental people wanting the same thing; results, guidance, motivation, and regain control of their body.

Burn More Calories

Increase your metabolism;  use effective body weight exercises and minimal equipment to tone, sculpt and turn your body into a a fat burning machine. 

Stress Management

Stress buster; an amazing way to release all your stress and feel amazing after each class

"...By the end of 12 weeks, you will lose weight, be stronger and just feel better (physically and mentally). You can't go wrong, just try it and you will love it!" -Marisa D'Orazio

3 Months

√12 weekly 60 minute sessions

√Workouts suited to your fitness level

√Text messaging and email support

√Group support



Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to transform their lives from the inside out. We are committed to empowering our clients build the confidence they need to regain control of their body and live their best life by offering quality classes adapted to suit their individual needs. Join our amazing and non judgmental team to get the support, motivation, and accountability you need to be successful !