10 Minutes A Day: The ABC’s

10 minutes A Day: The ABC’s

I don’t have time, I’m too tired, I’m too old, I can’t stay motivated, my kids take up all of my time, I always end of quitting, I can’t stick to it… Do any or all of these ‘reasons’ sound familiar to you? Let’s debunk these one by one.

1- I don’t have enough time: You don’t need two hours a day, and a gym membership to exercise.  Getting just 10 minutes of exercise a day goes a long way. How can you squeeze in a 10 minute exercise session? Get up 10 minutes earlier, go for a walk during your lunch hour, take the stairs at work, or park your car 10 minutes away from your workplace. These are just a few simple examples of ways you can accumulate 10 minutes of exercise in your day.  Just break a sweat for 10 minutes.  10 minutes of exercise can help relieve stress, improve your mood, increase your energy level, and will help you lose weight if you are sedentary. Studies show you will feel the after effect of exercising for up to 15 hours.

2- I’m too tired: Get to bed earlier. Skip the Netflix/T.V / Facebook /late night internet surfing binge. Just get to bed earlier. Studies suggest if you are not getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night it can interfere with your weight loss goal.  Need I go on?

3- I’m too old: You are never too old to start. You feel old because you don’t exercise.  Not exercising means a loss in muscle mass which WILL slow your metabolism.  A slow metabolism may mean gaining weight. Gaining weight means a loss in mobility and energy. You may think nothing of gaining just 1 pound a month, but how will you feel in 12 months when you realize you have gained 12 pounds…?

4- I can’t stay motivated: Again, little steps will take you a long way. Once you start getting to bed earlier, and adding just 10 minutes of exercise to your day you will start to feel amazing. This will motivate you to continue.  Also, increase your social support by surrounding yourself with friends who prioritize their health as well. This will help you stay accountable, and motivated to continue.  Friends and family who train together, live longer together.

5- My kids take up all of my time: Yes they most likely do. As a mom who wears the busy mom t-shirt, let me tell you my kids take up all of my time as well. If you are a busy mom or dad, the best time to exercise is in the morning before you start your day, or at noon during your lunch hour. I have been teaching group and personal training for years, and I will tell you that the best time to get it done is BEFORE you start your day or sometime during your day.  If you are like most parents, your whole world revolves around your kids. I totally get it. Just remember, that once you go pick up the kids it will be about them and less about you.  Here’s some unsolicited advice though; The most selfish thing you can possibly do is take care of yourself so that your loved ones(kids) won’t have to take care of you later on…take a minute and think about what that would look like.

6- I always end up quitting: Re-read #4. Set small realistic goals. If your goal is to lose 25lbs in 28 days, you will be disappointed and you most likely will not attain that goal. If you DO manage to lose 25 lbs in 28 days, you probably have zero energy, have lost all your muscle mass, and are miserable because you are not eating enough. Diets.Do.Not.Work. Eat to fuel and nourish your body -not deplete your energy level. Ditch the diet/ quick fix mentality right now.

7- I can’t stick to it: What if you DO stick to it? Stop thinking of reasons why you can’t and start thinking of reasons why you should. Start thinking of reasons why you should be investing in your health and then re-read 1-6.

Your coach in health and fitness,